1st birthdays & cake smashes!

A birthday is a big deal and is the perfect time to have a photo shoot!

 A cake smash is £150 and you just need to provide the cake and the outfit (though I must say I love babies bare skin at this age!)  

I base the style/colour of your shoot around the outfit that you chose. I can help advise on the cake too but always find soft icing works best to get super messy!

In my experience, I find that keeping the background free of too many props is best so not to distract baby. Balloons etc can distract baby from eating the cake. Also, too many props can take the emphasis away from your cute bubba. 

I start with some ‘clean’ shots of your little one and also a family portrait if you would like one (included in price). After the shoot I will have towels and wipes to hand for the clear up!

 Cake/paint smashes generally last no more than an hour start to finish. (Add an extra £75 per shoot if you would like me to come to you).

These shoots will include 20+ digital images with the option to add on artwork afterwards at a reasonable cost.